How Do People Describe You?

This question will almost undoubtedly be asked when you are applying for a job, so make sure you know how to answer it, in this short guide, we’ll tell you how.

Like all other job interview questions, the answer is not as simple as it seems, and the interviewer is trying to trick you into revealing more about yourself than you think you are revealing.

There is a simple way to go about answering this question that will leave the hiring manager impressed at your abilities, and might land you the job.

The chances are high you will be asked this question, so prepare your answer, find out what people actually describe you as, and not how you would describe yourself, it is worthwhile to write down all the aspects that people describe you as, which allows you to better organize an answer to the question.

The important thing about this question is that the hiring director is trying to see how willing you are to admit to weaknesses, don’t try and make yourself seem perfect, saying for example that people would describe you as the reason they wake up in the morning, because that’s probably not true.

Admitting some of your less favorable attributes is actually beneficial to you, as the hiring manager is always looking for honest people, and no-one is perfect, being obnoxious and listing out only positive attributes about yourself is not genuine, be a bit modest, no-one has no negative attributes, be a real person and admit to them.

Go out and find out what people actually think about you, for example contact a co-worker and ask, it adds a lot of value when you cay say that one specific person said that they think you are very dependable, especially when it is someone who was in a higher level position than you, who is able to give you a reference.

One of the main reasons that the hiring director asks this is to see how well you get along with others, and to see how you would be able to work together with your co-workers in order to profit the company.

If people describe you as highly sociable and funny, it is likely you will get along with your future colleagues, so try to highlight social and communication skills when it comes to this question. Another quality that the hiring manager is looking for when you answer this question is good work ethic.

If people describe you as being a person dedicated to their work, or organized, this will be appealing to the hiring manager, they are looking for potential employees who will dedicate their foreseeable future to the profit of the company, so make sure to highlight anything people say about you relating to organization, dedication, punctuality.

There is no need to tell every single thing people describe you as, if you have made a list it is easier to see which ones you should tell the hiring manager about and which don’t apply to the job you are applying to, for example if you are applying for an administrative job, don’t waste the interviewer’s time by saying that people describe you as musically talented.

If the attribute has nothing to do with the job at hand, it adds very little or no value to your consideration.

When answering this question your answer needs to be structured, in order to convey your point to the full potential and impress the interviewer at the same time, you need to carefully structure answer, you should start with an introduction, followed by a list of aspects, and then a conclusion.

Tailor your answer to the specific company you are applying to, if you have one special quality that people describe you as having that could potentially benefit the company and that is above the basic job requirements, make sure to mention it, because it might be a deciding factor in whether or not you get the job that you applied for.

Acknowledge your negative aspects, trying to hide them never works, if for example you were fired from a job once, say so, there is no shame in it, otherwise the interviewer might ask later and you would need to justify it with yet another response that makes sure that you don’t get eliminated from the list of candidates for the job.

Don’t waste the interviewer’s time by reciting an essay on what people describe you as, keep it short and clear, answering the question directly and not avoiding an actual answer. Your ability to answer unfamiliar questions will greatly affect your consideration as a potential employee. Keep your answer short, professional and concise.

Keeping your answer short will give the interviewer a big clue to your work ethic and the way that you can handle situations, short answers tell the interviewer that you get things done quickly and well, it also shows that you can handle unfamiliar situations well under pressure, which might be an important deciding factor in whether you get the job you applied for or not.
Most importantly, be confident, don’t stumble over your words as you scramble for an answer, the best way that you can avoid being surprised by the question is to always expect it and prepare your answer accordingly, even if the question isn’t asked, it is always good to have prepared, it might even help you to answer another question.

In conclusion, in order to answer this question successfully and impress the hiring manager, it is worthwhile to plan ahead, make a list of attributes that people describe you as having, then cross out all the attributes that are unrelated to the job you are applying to, now all the attributes left over you can talk about during the interview and they will add value to your consideration for the specific job. Remember to be confident, keep the answer short and clear, and most important of all in this question is to be modest, bragging about how great people describe you a being does not give the interviewer a good view of you and might get you eliminated from consideration.